Comedian Joe Dungan
Photo Credit: Knopfoto.com

Have you ever had any of these problems with comedians?

  •  Dirty, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate?
  •  Unreliable?
  •  Difficult to work with?
  •  Hard to get a hold of?
  •  Not funny?

My name is Joe Dungan, and I’ve heard these complaints about comedians too many times. If  there’s one quality as a comedian that I have, it’s NOT having the five qualities above.

When I feature at an event, I cater to the event’s needs, not the other way around. I talk to the event organizer beforehand to determine parameters, acceptable vs. unacceptable subjects, and other details. I even write new material tailored to the organization involved. I pride myself on my  professionalism and the quality of my material. And I have no inconvenient middlemen; I don’t even refer to myself in third person!

In addition to stand-up comedy, I’m also available for:

  •  Emcee/hosting
  •  Punching up speeches
  •  Writing roasts

I’ve been performing and writing comedy in one form or another in two different millennia now. In addition to stand-up, I’ve spent years acting and doing improv comedy. And I wrote L.A. Nuts, a series of comedic essays about Los Angeles, which won several awards, including first place in the humor category in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Please watch the short sample video. If you feel my style of humor would be a good fit for your event, call me at (818) 314-1808 or email me to discuss your needs.